Y&R Stars Offer Their Best Health And Fitness Tips

• “When I started working out at home during Covid, I got this workout station [Hotwon Power Tower] that’s made of thin metal. It’s very light, so you can easily carry it and it breaks down to fit in the closet. I can actually do dips and pull-ups on it. I also use four free weights, Perfect Pushups [handles] and a medicine ball. That’s all I really need. I don’t need all these different machines.” • “If you want to start a workout routine, but you’re too self-conscious to join a gym, there’s nothing stopping you from working out in your home. By doing research online, you can find out what exercises are best for you and how to do them safely.” • “Don’t expect immediate results or you’ll get discouraged. I was like that with my stomach. Working the abs isn’t easy to do. The best motivation is when you start seeing results, but it takes discipline and repetition. You have to stick to it, but you’ll find how good it feels when you have that sense of accomplishment.” • “Running outside is such a great exercise. When my dad had his open-heart surgery, his surgeon told him that every adult needs to run for at least 30 minutes a day to get their heart rate up and break a sweat.”

• “I was fortunate enough to buy a Peloton over a year ago, and I fell in love with cycling. I had done a handful of spin classes before, so when the gyms were closed during the pandemic, I could still be spinning at home. Using the Peloton has been fun and motivating and I definitely recommend getting one.” • “I totally believe that working out has helped with my emotional health. It took me a long time to realize how big an impact exercise has on your mental health. Now that I’m older and have been able to identify that I have anxiety and depression, moving my body and releasing endorphins helps my mood shift into a more positive space.” • “As much as I love my Peloton, getting outside and exercising by walking briskly or biking or hiking really helps to clear your mind and see another perspective.”

“I try to maximize my impact from beginning to end in my work- outs. In yoga, I incorporate toning, strengthening and elongating specific muscle groups, deeper stretching, and equanimity and balance in the body simultaneously. I also practice interval training, which incorporates high-performance exercises and rest periods that are lower in intensity but still keep the heart rate up. The balance between high intensity and low keeps workouts faster and multifaceted, as you utilize your body’s oxygen as well as your stored energy. This allows you to burn more calories, build stamina, and recover quicker.” • “I’m a research nut. I read reviews and follow sites that offer good information on the best workout shoes and gear. Doing the work to ensure you have the best options available to you really ups your chances of staying with a workout rou- tine. When you feel prepared and are in the best position to achieve, you usually do.”

“I purchased a Bowflex VeloCore Bike, which goes side to side like you’re going around curves and corners. It’s in my bedroom and stares me in the face, so I find it inexcusable not to use it.” • “Workout music is really important to me. My choice: very intense movie scores like from The Dark Knight or a Hans Zimmer playlist or hip-hop music to get me into the zone. It really gets the neuro activity going so I’m ready to take on the challenge of my workout.” • “For me, I really enjoy going to the gym because I feel there are fewer distractions than being at home. You’re paying for it, so there’s a purpose. I find myself putting in less time when I’m at home because I’m not as focused as I am at the gym, where I have a set time to knock everything out. At the gym, I just feel more accountable. I always wear a baseball cap because it’s good at catching sweat and I don’t have to deal with my hair. Believe it or not, that little detail helps me to keep focused.”

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