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DJ Fresh is determined win his battle with the bulge and he is sharing his road to a healthier lifestyle with his followers

The Metro FM presenter has been going through a difficult time period in his life and admitted last week that he needed help after experiencing the “toughest three weeks of his life”.

“I MUST apologize to EVERYONE for not returning calls, messages, emails over the past 2/3 weeks! It’s been the toughest 3 weeks of my life, but I am all good now! I GOT HELP! It’s never easy, admitting that u “need” help, but once u cross that bridge it’s the best feeling ever! (sic)” he tweeted.

The rough patch inspired him to not only work on his mental health but on his fitness as well.

Fresh has shared several videos on social media – with the hashtag, “fat must fall” – showing him taking brisk walks in his neighbourhood and exercising in the gym

“I’m dying, but it’s so worth it. Do something. Just twenty minutes, a little walk, squats, bodyweight squats,” he urged his followers.

DJ Fresh, who was bullied in school because of his weight, has inspired his followers to take their own fitness seriously.

Many shared what they are doing to stay fit.

“Instead of driving to the shops, I took a young jog/walk… Lazy day, but you inspired me to do something. Thank you,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another fan added: “I implemented 5k slow jock 4 times a week and reduced alcohol intake…I must say fat is falling nge nkan!! (sic)”

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