What they said on Day 28 of the campaign

WHAT THEY SAID ON DAY 28 OF THE ELECTION CAMPAIGN THE BEST LINE “My mum is the bravest person I’ve known.” – Labor leader Bill Shorten on the Daily Telegraph story about his mother’s legal career. PRIME MINISTER SCOTT MORRISON “This election is not about our families.” – on the Telegraph’s story. LABOR LEADER BILL SHORTEN “They’ve even got ancestors in the family tree who were convicts. I’m waiting for that to come out in the Telegraph!” – on what’s next. REAL PEOPLE “I’ve met him before when he was a treasurer, he’s quite a smart man.” – Restaurant owner Omer Evran on Morrison. THE SUPPORT CAST “In Fiji, we have already moved three communities and have a priority queue of about some 40 others waiting to be relocated.” – Fijian prime minister Frank Bainimarama chips in on climate change, in a Melbourne speech. Australian Associated Press


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