Tips To Keep Your Dog’s Teeth In Good Shape Between Doggy Dentist Visits

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When you adopt a dog, you need to make sure that you care for your new canine companion’s health and well-being. That includes exercise with proper walks and play sessions, serving up a nutritional diet, and scheduling regular wellness visits with your vet.

But did you know that it’s also vital to ensure that your dog’s teeth stay in tip-top shape? Yes, even if you keep up with professional doggy dental cleanings, you must take care of your dog’s oral health at home, too.

Starting a proper and safe dental hygiene routine isn’t just about warding off the occasional bout of bad breath, either. It’s a vital step in preventing the onset of more serious periodontal diseases.

Here are five tips to keep your dog’s teeth in good shape between doggy dentist visits.

1. Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

It might sound strange or silly at first, but brushing your dog’s teeth should become a regular part of your grooming sessions.

To start brushing your dog’s teeth, you’ll want to pick up a special dog toothbrush that’s appropriate for your pup’s breed and size. You’ll also need to select a canine-specific brand of toothpaste.

Your vet will be able to help offer suggestions if you’re new to navigating the world of canine dental products, and they can also help with specific brushing strategies.

Rewarding your beloved pooch with a dental-friendly treat after each brushing can also be a smart way to help get dogs used to sitting through a teeth brushing session.

Heads up: Never use human toothpaste on a dog because the fluoride can be harmful to our canine pals.

2. Switch To Dental Dog Treats

Almost all dogs love to be rewarded with treats, so why not make it a win-win and start using treats that have been formulated to help with your dog’s dental health?

Dog dental treats are specially made so that they can help reduce any plaque that’s built up on your dog’s teeth. They also help freshen your canine’s breath!

Ask your vet for some recommendations on brands and types of doggy dental treats.

3. Consider Dog Tooth Wipes

If your dog struggles to sit still through a proper tooth brushing session, consider using dog tooth wipes as a stopgap measure.

These wipes are designed to be rubbed along a canine’s teeth and can assist with getting rid of plaque buildup. They don’t reach into nooks and crannies quite as well as toothbrushes, but pet parents often find them easier to use for a quick cleaning session.

These might come in especially handy when you’re on the go and don’t have time to deal with the potential mess and hassle that can come with using brushes and toothpaste.

4. Encourage Chews And Chew Toys

The pet market brims with dog chews and chew toys for good reason: the process of chewing actually helps promote great dental hygiene!

When your dog chews on a safe chew toy or snack, it not only gets rid of plaque, but it strengthens the teeth. Chewing appropriate items can help scrape bacteria off the teeth and gums, leading to a cleaner mouth and fresher breath.

Even having a good tug-of-war game with your dog can remove some plaque from their teeth while giving them a great workout!

5. Start Using A Breath Freshener

If you find yourself cohabiting with a dog with a propensity for particularly stinky breath, consider adding a special breath freshener to their mealtime routine.

Canine breath fresheners are available that you can easily add to your dog’s water bowl to help spruce up their breath and also reduce plaque.

When it comes to brands and types, this is another product that your vet can give you guidance on. So make sure to ask at your dog’s next regular checkup!

Remember that even with all of these solutions, it’s still important to schedule regular wellness visits with your vet and professional teeth cleanings at their recommendation. Keep your dog’s teeth clean between those visits, and your dog will be smiling with their pearly whites for years to come!

How do you make sure your dog’s teeth stay great shape? Do you have any tips for keeping your pup’s breath fresh? Let us know in the comments section below!


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