Influential Christian women set to share tips for success

Photo (L-R): Prof Maggie Kigozi, Manuela Mulondo, Beatrice Byemanzi, Rukh-Shana Namuyimba

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For a while now, Christian achievers from diverse spheres of influence in and around Uganda have exhaustively shared tips on how they have been able to excel in the market place, family and ministry while applying biblical principles during the Red Sofa Sessions in Uganda.

The event is back once again, with an aim of addressing even more demanding issues in society today – with individuals who have excelled in their fields of operation despite facing innumerable challenges.

The event vision bearer Mr Shadrack Kuteesa spoke to Uganda Christian News about what to expect at the forthcoming edition scheduled for 11th May, 2019 at Golf Course Hotel in Kampala. Entrance shs 50,000.

How are preparations moving one?

Shadrack: The preparations are going on well. There is a lot of positive feedback and we look forward to having a lot of people present as we celebrate our beautiful mothers on the 11th of May.

What inspired the theme of the forthcoming edition?

Shadrack: With international Mother’s Day around the corner, as Red Sofa we decided to celebrate all the moms who sometimes go by without some recognition. Plus in this particular session, we seek to have educative and inspiring dialogues on balancing all the things in the Super Mom’s docket and also delve into the practical things she can use to effectively execute all the hats she has to wear on her head. Topics like parenting, being a stay home mum, career, sex, property ownership, dealing with changing relationship dynamics, postpartum depression and many more will be discussed by our exceptional panel.

What is unique about the panelists?

Shadrack: We tried to diversify the panel and get moms with different experiences. Rukh-Shana is representing Mom in the media and a single mom, Prof. Kigozi is representing the senior moms with experience, Manuela is an entrepreneur/ innovation mom, Beatrice is representing the moms in the ministry.

Is Uganda in crisis of honoring the biblical call of motherhood?

Shadrack: According to the Bible, we give honor where honor is due. But as a nation, I don’t think we are giving the Mothers the honor they deserve and that is what we are trying to do with this session.

For someone hearing about the event for the first time, what are ‘Red Sofa Sessions’ all about?

Shadrack: Red Sofa is a multi-dimensional platform for people to interact with Christian achievers. The purpose of this platform is to inspire our audience to live their life to the fullest. RED SOFA creatively stirs up people to aspire for something greater than they have settled for by profiling inspiration trail blazers who have walked or are walking a desirable path.

How have you been able to sustain and grow the vision to date?

Shadrack: Through belief that what we are doing is not about us but a God thing. If God starred it, He will bring it to fruition.

Any concluding remarks?

Shadrack: Super Moms is not just about biological moms but mom figures, people who hope to be mom and even guardian. Like the saying goes, it takes a whole village to raise a child in Africa so all women out there are mothers in one way or another. Come 11th May at Gold Course Hotel and learn a thing or two on how to be an exceptional mom.

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