How to protect your child from eye infections this summer

This summer, protect your child’s eyes from infections. (Source: Pixabay)

With scorching heat in summers also comes the season of eye infections. Apart from the skin, your child’s eyes are also exposed to dust particles, hot temperature radiations, very bright sights and even sweat, which may result in redness, squinting or itching of the eyes.

Here are some of the common eye problems to watch out for this summer:


This is a contagious disease, which makes the eyes red, itchy and water. It is the inflammation of the conjunctiva which happens only through direct contact with an infected person, or by sharing objects with them. It can be a result of any bacterial, viral, fungal or some other kind of infection and is best to be dealt in consultation with a doctor.

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Dry eyes

The excess of temperature can sometimes make the tear film of the eye evaporate too soon, which can lead to dry eyes where the eyes become red, irritable and have a constant burning sensation.

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This is a bacterial condition that results into a small swelling on either one or both of the eyelids and causes pain, redness and swelling.

Eye allergies

High levels of pollutants and irritants in the air, combined with the hot air during summer, can cause several allergic reactions in the eyes that again cause redness, itching or burning.

How to protect eyes

It is important to save your eyes from contracting these infections. Parents can keep these tips in mind:

1. Your child needs to be hydrated at all times.

2. Make sure you use UV protection while outdoors.

3. Use clean towels, pillowcases and sheets in the house.

4. Your child should not try to make direct eye-contact with air from the air conditioner.

5. Make sure your child does not rub his or her eyes hard or touch them directly. They should wash their hands frequently.

6. Take care of your child’s hygiene.

7. Get kids to sleep well to give their eyes sufficient rest.

8. Your child should wash his or her eyes regularly.

9. Keep your house free of dust.

(With inputs from Dr Kavya Nagaraju, Cornea consultant, Sankara Eye Hospital)

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