Top 5 Summer tips to keep your Car Health top notch

Summer definitely takes a toll on one’s body. We often suffer from dehydration and sunstroke. We have many ways to encounter the heat that summer has to offer. Often, we tend to ignore the needs and wants of our car health that take us from one point to another. If we do not take care of the summer needs of our cars, we can end up in engine failure to Tyre Blasts. All of which can end up in disastrous situations and if lucky no casualty whatsoever.

Car Health for Tyres

Tyres are the most neglected part of the car. One often ignores to keep it in top condition. Whereas it is the part that goes through maximum damage, wear and Tear. What we need to do is fairly simple. Check air pressures at all times. If the treading on the tyre is worn out or in simple terms the grips of the tyre disappear and it turns bald. Take it to a tyre shop and get the tyres retreaded or replaced.

Car Health for Air Conditioner of the Car

People cannot think about driving their cars in summers without having the Air Conditioners not working. It will feel like you are driving in an oven. First step to ensure good Air Conditioning in the summers is to check the Compressor Oil and top it up accordingly. When your car is parked directly under the sun your car tends to heat up more than 10 degrees than the outside temperature.

The tip to keep it as hot as the temperature outside is by keeping the window open by two to three centimeters so that hot air doesn’t remain trapped in the car. If you have forgotten to do that. When you enter the car roll down the windows completely. Put the fan on the highest speed with the AC in full so that all the hot air travels out. Then roll up the windows and reduce the fan speed your Car will automatically cool itself.

Car Health for Radiator and Fluids

The Radiator acts as the Airconditioning of your car it cools down the engine. Ensure that you use a good quality coolant and that the levels that the coolant needs to be maintained are check at all times. Do not check the coolant when the engine is hot always check when the engine is idle and the engine is cool.

Car Health for Engine Oil Brake Oil and Transmission fluid

Engine Oil lubricates your engine parts from wear and tear. So, ensure that it is topped up at all times and that it is not very old. Similarly, most brakes in cars today are hydraulic so ensure that Brake fluid is not beyond the recommended level. Same goes with the steering and Transmission units Oil levels need to be maintained and should not go below the minimum threshold.

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Car Health for Hoses and Belts

There are many rubber bands like things that propel various functions of the car. These rubber hoses tend to harden with extreme heat. This leads to cracking in these rubber belts. It can give way at any time so do not ignore the slightest crack that you discover. Replace the Belt immediately.

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