Halle Berry Reveals Keto Diet Tips While Training For ‘John Wick’

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  • In her newest installation of “#PHIT Talks,” Halle berry reveals how she’s stayed on the keto diet for so long.
  • Halle, 52, says she’s a fan of cheat days and also stared the keto diet right off the bat without easing into it.
  • Halle also revealed her ingredients for a perfect keto-friendly meal replacement shake.

    Halle Berry has long sworn by the keto diet—and now, she’s giving a bit of insight into how she’s been able to keep it up for so damn long.

    On her Friday installment of “#PHIT Talks,” her Instagram Stories “show” with her personal trainer Peter Lee Thomas, Halle answered some questions about going keto, dieting in general, and meal replacement shakes—all of which have helped her stay stay in tip-tip shape (especially while training super hard for her role in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum).

    First on Halle’s list: The ever-important cheat day, which she’s a huge fan of. “I think cheating is really important,” she said. “Sometimes you just have to eat what you want. You have to satisfy that craving, and that’s how you can come back better and stronger.”


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    So clearly, cheat days are part of Halle’s keto diet—but how exactly did she start keto? According to Halle, however you start keto is a personal choice, whether you dive right in or make the change gradually. But Halle “jumped right in,” she said. “That’s my personality. I tend to jump right into things, tackle it, that’s me.”

    But Halle also acknowledged that everyone’s different. “If you’re not sure about the Keto lifestyle, take your time,” she said. “Slowly get into it and see if this lifestyle works for you.” She recommended monitoring your energy levels when you’re first starting out: “See how it makes you feel, how your hunger levels are, how your body feels, how you exercise,” she said.

    In addition to definitely leaning into cheat days on the keto diet, Halle also supplements her keto meal plans with meal replacement shakes—and she shared the exact ingredients she uses (you can see all of them below).

    PurePaleo by Designs For Health

    PurePaleo Protein

    designs for health


    PaleoFiber by Designs for Health


    designs for health


    PaleoReds by Designs For Health


    designs for health


    MCT Colada by Designs For Health

    MCT Colada

    designs for health


    Pure Encapsulations Osteo EasySticks

    Osteo EasySticks

    Pure Encapsulations


    F-Bomb Nut Butter

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