13 ways to practice self-care when you work from home

“There have been studies that show people who work from home tend to overwork, and I definitely find that to be true,” Ellie Dinh, cofounder of the activewear brand Girlfriend Collective, told Business Insider.

“Without people around, it can be easy to get sucked into the computer, so I make it a point to schedule mini-breaks throughout the day where I go outside and get fresh air and refill on water,” she said.

Refueling on water is also key to helping prevent mindless eating, as people often confuse thirst for hunger, Firshein said.

“For some people, it may mean setting an alarm to remind them to drink water every one or two hours, while for others it may mean keeping water readily available at their desk. Staying hydrated not only has helped my patients in terms of energy and focus, but also to maintain a productive lifestyle.”

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