Taking part in the Ayr Classic Run? Here are our top tips to help you prepare

The first ever Ayr Classic Run is offering runners of all levels a unique opportunity to run the course at Ayr Racecourse.

It’s a fun event that the whole family can get involved in and it’s the first time in 118 years a race meet will be held at the venue without horses.

This one-day festival of running is taking place in October so there’s still plenty of time to get race ready.

Here are our top training tips to help you prepare and you can enter here if you haven’t already done so.

Make a plan

Whether you’re a complete novice or have some experience of running, it’s important to have a schedule.

That way you can set yourself targets and track your progress – those small improvements will soon mount up and provide extra motivation.

With a training plan in place, you’ll also be more likely to stick to your good intentions, especially if you can see the progress you’re making.

Start running

It sounds simple but, once you actually get your running shoes on and get moving, that’s you on your way.

Congratulations – you’ve just done the hardest part.

Whether it’s fitting in a quick run on your lunch break or a lap around the local park at the weekend, getting started is the main thing.

Be sensible

If you’re new to running or haven’t ran for a while, there’s no point going straight in with a five-mile run.

Avoid injury and aches and pains by starting off with a realistic target and gradually increase your distance and time from there.

You’ll be surprised by just how quickly you’ll start to see some progress.

By setting realistic goals and then ticking them off, you can work your way towards running five miles safely and easily.

And don’t forget to stretch before and after your run as you’ll be using muscles you haven’t used for a while.

Find a running buddy

Maybe you have a pal who’s also taking part in the Ayr Classic Run or they simply want to improve their fitness.

Exercising with a friend or as part of a group is great for motivating each other – and you’ll also be more likely to stick to your schedule.

So, why not invite a friend along and make the experience more fun?

Get online

If you feel a little intimidated at the prospect of starting your running journey, there are loads of resources online that offer tips and advice.

Check out running websites and YouTube videos for inspiration and practical help.

For more structured support, the NHS Couch to 5k programme is a great way to get you moving.

A running plan for absolute beginners, it will help you gradually work up towards running 5k in just nine weeks and the podcasts can be downloaded from iTunes.

Enjoy it!

Running is supposed to be fun, so make sure you enjoy yourself.

Don’t put pressure on yourself to hit your targets quickly if it means losing the fun aspect of the whole experience.

There is still plenty of time to get there.

The Ayr Classic Run

The first Ayr Classic Run takes place on Sunday, October 6.

The route is composed of a start and finish in front of the famous Ayr grandstand, before taking in two loops of the racecourse itself.

It’s an open and flat course so it’s ideal for first time runners and walkers, as well as more experienced club runners looking to beat their personal best times.

The Ayr Classic Run will also incorporate a Junior Run (3km) and Family Mile.

To find out more and enter one of the races, visit www.theclassicrunseries.co.uk

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