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Cinder blocks aren’t just for building construction. Halle Berry and her trainer are showing off how to use the masonry units to build uncommonly used muscles as part of her ‘Fitness Friday’ series.

Every Friday we can count on Halle Berry, 52, and her hunky trainer Peter Lee Thomas to show us a new way to build a better body. This time around on Apr. 19 they’re literally using building material by showing how cinder blocks are the perfect way to work hard to reach muscles. Next to an Instagram photo of the pair in matching black workout clothes, they’re seen in a squatting position with their arms lifting a large cinder block a few inches off the ground.

“This #FitnessFriday, we’re taking it to the block. The way we see it, a true warrior can look at ANY environment and find new and exciting ways to challenge their routine (fancy gym membership NOT necessary!) – As soon as @halleberry and I spotted these cinder blocks, we knew just what time it was! The variable sizes of nontraditional weights can help build more uncommonly used muscles, leaving you challenged, motivated and sore af,” he captioned the pic and directed fans to his Instagram stories to see how to use the blocks in workouts.

The first workout is a seriously intense one that requires a fair amount of fitness. Peter calls it “Atomic plyo push-ups” and he demonstrates how he starts doing a push-up with both hands on the blocks then doing then next one on the ground in between, alternating the push-ups from the blocks to the ground. He recommends 10-12 reps, while making it look so easy.

The next exercise with the blocks is super core intensive. Peter calls it a “Kick through” and it’s another ground level exercise where he has his hands on each of blocks with his arms extended and he kicks his legs forward from a tip-toe position in the back all the way through and under his body forward without touching the ground. He then swings his legs back to the tip-toe position in back and again recommends 10-12 reps.

Thank goodness the final workout is one that slightly fit mortals might be able to pull off. Peter calls it a “Hindu push-up” because it uses yoga moves from the standard Sun Salutation, but his legs are spread wider than the usual poses. He has his hands on both blocks about the same distance apart as in the previous two exercises and starts in a modified Downward Dog pose then quickly dips his body down low to the ground into Chaturanga the he straightens his arms and sweeps his chest through into Up Dog then goes back to Down Dog as one giant movement. He does it in a fast repetition unlike the slower and more breathing-focused yoga moves and again says 10-12 reps will do the trick. After watching Peter in action, it’s definitely clear that when he said the workouts will leave you “sore AF” he’s not kidding.

Halle added one more cinder block workout to her stories along with the three of Peter. The pair did “Cinder block curls” by holding them at hip level then curling them up to their chests and back down again. Again, they recommended 10-12 reps and the John Wick: Chapter Three star also added that if you didn’t have a cinder block handy, doing curls with a full jug of water was an easy DIY at home exercise.


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