Model and TV presenter Tino Chiyani shares his top fitness, health and relationship tips with us

Fitness Tips

1. Consistency is the key. A lot of people are inspired to go to gym ― for a week. They want to start a membership in January, but by the time February has come round, they’ve disappeared. You have to be consistent with your exercise if you want to achieve the right body or your personal fitness goals.

2. Eating right is as important as working out. People must get into the routine of eating healthily, prepping nutritious meals, and drinking lots of water. You can also add fruit such as lemons, cucumbers, and even strawberries to your water, so that it gets you into the habit of drinking water. Water can be very boring to drink, but once you start adding in those little flavours, it becomes much more palatable. Definitely make sure that, as well as exercising, you are hydrating and eating well.

3. Exercise on a regular basis. A lot of people want the perfect body. They want to look good and they want to achieve all their goals, but no one wants to actually work for it.Fitness isn’t just about looking good ― it’s about feeling good and being good in your soul, in your core, and in your heart. I feel that exercise also ties in to all of those things. It’s crucial that gents work out and exercise if they want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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