Insider tip: How to stay fit on a cruise

If you have never been on a cruise, chances are you have some ideas in your head about how they roll – and I bet they don’t really include wellness or fitness. 

After all, one of the biggest drawcards for many people is probably the all-you-can-eat buffet. But take a look on board and you’ll be surprised  – there are some amazing ways to stay fit and healthy on cruise ships these days and you can exercise your mind, body and spirit while you’re enjoying all that cruising has to offer (yes, even the buffet!)

I have some top tips on how you can do exactly this:

You can easily clock up 30 minutes of incidental exercise a day just by walking around a cruise ship.

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Firstly, do the shore excursions on foot. Instead of saying yes to the excursions that see you hopping on a bus to and from the sights – why not make sure you stay active when you hit dry land?

Sailing on a large ship? Forget the lifts and walk instead. You can easily clock up 30 minutes of incidental exercise a day. It’s a good way to get that time back, too – with everyone using the lifts you’re often just waiting around! 

Most cruise ships have spas and wellness centres, they’re excellent for relaxing both your mind and spirit – Princess Cruises offer aroma stone-therapy massages and detoxifying ocean wraps, so why not end your trip with a bit of R&R?

Rebekah Ochiai, Flight Centre Hurstmere Road

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