Help kids to know their family better in these 6 ways

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International Day of Families: This day is observed annually on May 15. Here are some ways to celebrate the importance of being a family on this day:

Make a family tree

You can spend time together with this DIY crafting idea. Get some chart paper and ask your child to draw a tree and write names of family members on the branches. Go beyond the nuclear family and add aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents on the tree. You can then also paste photographs of family members and put it up as an artwork on the wall.

Visit extended family

Make a family day of it by driving down to visit relatives, the kids’ cousins or grandparents. The children will enjoy listening to stories of your growing up years and understating how you are all connected. It’s a good way to continue the bonding into the next generation.

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Make a family newspaper

Encourage the kids to make a newspaper, where they interview family members and ask them about their lives, interests, etc. They can also get answers over the phone from members of the extended family. This will help them to know more about each person individually.

Go on a picnic

There’s nothing like a day spent outdoors or at a water park, or if it’s too sunny outdoors, playing boarding games or just having conversations. Focus on listening to the children and keep away your mobile phones and tablets!

Organise a talent show at home

Get the kids to put together a talent show at home, where they can assign adults various duties, such as dancing, singing, reciting a poem or preparing a snack. You can even make this a regular family event, if all goes well.

Discuss family recipes

Ask your kids if they would like to make a diary of their favourite family recipes and we’re sure the answer will be a resounding yes! Make sure to pick some easy ones, which will encourage them to get into the kitchen to whip it up with you. For smaller kids, you could pick something that doesn’t require cooking over a flame, like a salad.

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