12 Camping Wedding Ideas — Best Campground Wedding Ideas

Maybe you and your future spouse want a unique and whimsical wedding theme, maybe you both just can’t get enough of the great outdoors, or maybe you even have childhood sleepaway camp to thank for your fated meet-cute back in the day. Whatever the case, we’re of the firm belief that to-be-weds can never go wrong with a camping wedding, whether that means saying “I do” at an actual campsite or channeling the wilderness in all its natural glory. There’s so many ways to spin it—and put your own spin on it, for that matter. We’re talking custom camping flags commemorating your shared last name, creative escort cards, and true-to-theme invitations to rally your fellow campers. Keep it country with bales of hay thrown into the mix, or add a dash of bohemian flair with a festival camp theme—because, with nature as your backdrop, the decorating options truly know no bounds. No matter whether you have your sights set on a camp-themed soiree or a vow exchange at your favorite campground, these outdoorsy ideas prove that woodsy nuptials are incredibly beautiful. Gain inspiration for your own wedding day, and may you both camp happily ever after.

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